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Behind The Brand

Behind every brand is a great story, or what some call provenance.

This is our fascinating story of Crosby & Bruce.

Crosby & Bruce

In 1066ad William the Conqueror invaded England, defeating the Saxons at the Battle of Hastings.

Accompanying William the Conqueror were several Nobleman,

one of which was a Sir John De Crosebi, who was granted lands along the

River Mersey, north west England.


John De Crosebi from Aumale Normandy, had four sons that were invited into Scotland and

granted lands by King David the 1st of Scots.

One of these sons, Adam De Crosebi had several children, including Euphemia and Ivo.

Euphemia De Crosebi married Robert De Brus, the 2nd Lord of Annandale.

Ivo De Crosebi married the Sister of Robert De Brus, the first Lord of Annandale.


From the 12th Century the Crosebi name

(that would become spelt Crosby or Crosbie)

became synonymous with the Bruce Family, as a Sept Clan.


The famed King of Scots Robert The Bruce was the 7th Lord of Annandale.

Those with the Crosby name were by his side on his journey to become King and fought with him at the Battle of Bannockburn 1314.


Company Director, Ray M. Crosby is from the City of Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders.

Ray has traced his family ancestry back to the

River Mersey and Southern Scotland.


It is his great belief that passion drives excellence

and with well over 10 years experience in Scottish Tourism and 16 in Chauffeur Drive,

Crosby & Bruce was established in 2023.

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